Friday, 22 March 2013

Slideshow in joomla(How to install Nivo Slider )

How to Create Slide-show in Joomla

Unite Nivo Slider is a free Joomla 2.5 Slideshow component that you can use to insert a photo slideshow in your Joomla 2.5 website. In this tutorial, we will show you how to download and install Unite Nivo Slider for Joomla 2.5. Same Steps for installation of slider in Joomla 1.5,1.6,3.0 etc...

Unite Nivo Slider Installation Steps:

Step-1:- Visit this page and under Unite Nivo Slider (free version), click Download  
               Component. This will begin to download the Unite Nivo Slider Component to your 

Step-2:-  After downloading the component, click the Download Module button to download 
                the Unite Nivo Slider Module as well.

Step-3:-  Log into your Joomla 2.5 Administrator section,In the top menu, hover 
                over Extensions and then click Extension Manager.

Step-4:-  In the Upload Package File section, click browse and find the file you 
                downloaded in step 1 above. In our example, the file was named  
       you have selected the file, click the Upload & 
                Install Button.
                When the component has been successfully installed, you will receive the 
                following message:

Installing Component was successful

Step-5:-  Again, click browse and this time find the file you downloaded in step 2. In our 
                testing, the file was named After clicking  
                Upload & Install, you should receive the following success message:

Installing Module was successful

Step-6:-  In the top menu, hover over Components and then click Unite Nivo Slider. and  
                Make sure you're on the Sliders tab, and then click New in the top right menu, and 
                create a slider category which consist of no. of images in this.

Step-7:-   Next go through Slides, create slides(images) and choose any Slider category
                 Enter a Title, and then click Save in the top right menu. In our testing, we entered 
                 Test Slider 1 as the title.

So Now Slide Show is created but we have to show on home page so follow next steps.

Step-8:-  In the top menu, hover over Extensions and then click Module Manager
                - In the top right menu, click New
                - In the list of module types, click on Unite Nivo Slider

                - Enter the following details for your new module and then click Save in the top 
                  right menu:

                a)  Title: Enter a title for this slider. In our example, we entered homepage 

                b) Show Title: If you don't want the title for the module to show, select Hide.

                c) Position: Instead of clicking the Select position button, enter a position name. 
                                       We entered my_homepage_slideshow.

                d) Status: Set status to Published so that it is an active module.
                e) Slider: Select the slider that you want to show. In our testing, we selected "Test 
                                 Slider 1"

                There are numerous other settings you can select, such as the width and height of 
                the slideshow and various effects. For now, we are only covering the basics, but 
                feel free to experiment with all of the other settings. 

Step-9:- Our homepage currently contains one featured article (see the 2nd link at the top of 
                the page). What we will need to do is edit that article and insert the necessary code 
                to load the module we just created (see the 1st link at the top of the page). Because 
                we placed our module in a position named my_homepage_slideshow, we 
                referenced that position when using loadposition in our featured article:

 Step-10:- Test your homepage!
  1. In our testing, you can see below a screenshot of how our slideshow is appearing on our homepage:

 Please take note:
  1. If the slide does not show for you, in the modules advanced settings enabled the option to Add JS to body. This will load the necessary javascript after jquery is loaded, and the problem should be resolved. If there are any additional problems, enable the jQuery.noConflict() option (in version 1.0.5+)

    The size of the slider is set by the sizes of the images within the slideshow. If you need the slideshow to show in different dimenions, you will need to resize your images. In the pro version, auto resizing and cropping features are available.


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